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Attention Austin Wrestlemaniacs!


We at the Alamo have, for about seven months now, behaved like giddy little children the night before Christmas- sleepless wee believers with visions of Mickey Rourke dancing through our heads. Santa may be a little late this year, but we forgive him, because in just one week, he's bringing us the one gift we've wanted this year- Darren Aronofsky's THE WRESTLER. It's got more hype behind it than a pay-per-view pro-wrestling smack-down (especially Mickey Rourke's career-defining performance)...but it's looking like this one's actually going to live up to every ounce. Critics across the board are calling the film a marvel, and Rourke the master.

THE WRESTLER opens for a full run at the Alamo Ritz on Friday, January 9 (tickets are now on sale) but we are so excited for this film that a simple screening alone could never satiate our overwhelming lust for sweet, sweet brutality. So, we're teaming up with The Texas Wrestling Federation to bring you ACTUAL LIVE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING preceding the Thursday, Jan 8 midnight opening of THE WRESTLER! For the price of your ticket, you'll have a seat for Austin's premiere screening of this flawless cinematic suplex, PLUS you'll have a top-notch seat for an exclusive pre-screening, full-scale, white-knuckle WRESTLING EVENT to take place nearby, where REAL LIVE PRO WRESTLERS will be having a no-holds-barred BRAWL for your entertainment! This is clearly the only way to experience the greatest thing to happen to wrestling since the Hulkster slammed Andre the Giant!

Award winning cinematic brilliance + live bone-crunchingly extreme physical spectacle makes for the best damn day we'll have all '09. Be there.

Act fast to get your ticket to the show. Click here.

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