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At Last Night’s Ladies of the 80s Show…

Were you too scared by the ice to make it to last night's Ladies of the 80s show? Well, thanks to Henri's new camera and his obsession with documenting every single second of his life, now you can see some of what you missed!

For the first time in this show's run, Owen put on a skimpy red dress to lead the audience in a livelier rendition of the end of Tina Turner's What's LoveGot to Do With It. After I showed him these images, Owen admitted that in his head he'd thought he looked EXACTLY like Tina. Instead, his wig made him look like he had dog ears.

But his socks were sexy!

Then we got to the Pointer Sisters and had no choice but to run to the front of the theater and try to jump every time they asked us to Jump For Their Love.

Apparently we weren't all following the same rhythm...

And then the onstage dance party started - try to guess who stole the most attention...

The girl in front, who appears to be getting ready for some serious Tai Chi action? The red tank top who's the only one getting funky?

Hmm.. the kicker, or the girl on her hands and knees?

Ooh, girl on the floor is moving into the lead...

Wha? That's attention-grabbing... but will she win?

She's feeling victorious, but the dancing rages on behind her, until...

She has stopped dancing and is now just posing for pictures! Winner!

And the crowd goes wild!

I noticed that I wasn't the only one making flashes go off in the theater last night - if you've got some good pics, you should go to our MySpace Sing-Along page and give us some photos in the comments section. Please? Pretty please?

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