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Assassins Unite

quan·tum [kwon-tuhm]
A quantity or amount.

sol·ace [sol-is]
Comfort in sorrow, misfortune.

In the case of Daniel Craig's James Bond, the phrase 'Quantum of Solace' refers to the amount of comfort and happiness he's going to receive from killing a whole lot of people. Oh yeah, this Bond's on a revenge bender, kicking ass and taking souls. Sure, the martinis, the gadgets, the beautiful women will also be along for the ride, but at the end of the day, there's not enough closet space in Buckingham Palace to hide all the corpses of his enemies. But why should Bond get to have all the fun?

In honor of the new film (which opens November 14 at South Lamar and Village), we're throwing The Ultimate James Bond Adventure- ASSASSINS OF SOLACE. A week-long, city-wide, vengeance-fueled game of Assassin that culminates in a gin-soaked Casino soiree that leads into a screening of the film on opening day! After you rinse all the blood from your hands, we'll be there to put a Martini in it!

Visit the Official Assassins of Solace webpage for a complete run down of the rules (and yes, some restrictions- like no real killing, and the workplace is off limits). Once entered, you will receive a confidential online dossier that includes bios of all your hits...but they'll receive the same bio about you too. No one is safe.

But if you're a serious about being a hitman, act quickly, because the game starts this Friday! (Nov. 7)

Not interested in killing? There's also a ticket that only includes the party and the film.

Go here. Get killing. Win prizes. And maybe you, too, will find a Quantum of Solace.

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