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ASIAN INVASION gets wild this weekend!

Get wild with Yuen Woo Ping and the Yuen clan this weekend.

ASIAN INVASION gets wild this weekend!

Join us this Sunday at the Ritz for DREADNAUGHT. This little-seen 1981 classic by Yuen Woo Ping (DRUNKEN MASTER, TRUE LEGEND etc.) and his brothers (the Yuen clan) is completely astonishing. The only appropriate response to kung fu action this fast and inventive is slack jawed admiration. The trailer will give you a taste of the mania.

While not widely seen, DREADNAUGHT deserves to occupy a high place in the pantheon of martial arts cinema, what Yuen and his brothers lacked in budget, they more than made up for in endless expertise of combat and cinema. There’s as much Buster Keaton as Bruce Lee in this story of a terrifying, demented maniac, wearing the painted face of a Chinese opera villain, who pits himself against an elderly Wong Fei Hung, the invincible and wise perfect fighter of Chinese folklore, and his students. Everyone who sees DREADNAUGHT is wildly impressed by it.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see a gorgeous 35mm print. And amazingly, Asian Invasion shows are only $5! Be there!


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