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Are you a Sissy?  The A/V Geeks can help!  Find out how this Sunday at the Ritz

boygeekHost Skip Elshiemer has a personal collection of approximately 16,000 extremely rare (as well as unfathomably rare) 8mm and 16mm educational treasures from every era of American propangandistic repression.  If you've ever seen one of his shows, then you know just how unforgettable they can be- it's an opportunity, for better or for worse, to go back in time to witness just how messed up our society really was...or is.  His shows broaden our minds, teach us lessons and bust our guts.   If you've never seen the man in action, or happen to have sissy tendencies, DO NOT miss 'S is for Sissy' this Sunday at the Ritz!

Skip asks the question:  what could be worse than to have a little boy become a sissy?  Well, he's got the vaccine you need to prevent it from happening.  He'll be on hand with his 16mm projector to present an evening of classic campy school films that examine the behavior of potential wimps and what has to be done to fix it.

When you think of the power of the moving image, forget CITIZEN KANE.  This shit is real.

For more info and to get tickets, click here

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