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Another show added of THE ROOM with Tommy Wiseau Live!

the-room-posterBy popular demand, a second showing of THE ROOM with Tommy Wiseau live in person has been added on May 6!  The 7:00pm show sold out fast.  If you missed that opportunity, here's another one- 10:30pm, May 6.  Be there.  Tommy.  Wiseau.  Live.

If you're one of the select few who've had the good fortune to see THE ROOM, your mind is already blown and you are quite possibly unable to read written language. But if you haven't, you may be wondering how a humble independent feature -- albeit one shot simultaneously with both 35mm and high-def digital cameras because the director wanted to compare the two formats -- could have so quickly become a cult sensation on par with THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. 

Let's just say that no matter how much you think you know about what a movie is, THE ROOM will prove you wrong. Wiseau says that he intentionally shot this movie as a "black comedy" and we say, "Sure, what the hell." We're just happy he made it, and we're ecstatic that he's personally coming down to Austin to share it with us. People will be talking about this for years, guaranteed, so don't miss it. We would quote the film, but the most repeated line in the whole movie is "Don't worry about it," and we want you to worry about it. 

Very special thanks to ColdTowne Theater for making this show possible and a very very special thanks to Tommy Wiseau for sharing his gift with Austin.

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