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Announcing the Oskar Blues THE JERK Beer Dinner

Yes, we will be serving Pizza in a Cup.  

Announcing the Oskar Blues THE JERK Beer Dinner

He hates these cans! Stay away from the cans!

It's the timeless story of a man who was born a poor black child… Steve Martin (making his film debut) stars as Navin Johnson, the relentlessly stupid but innocent adopted son of a poor black sharecropper family who sets out on his own to discover his true self. Goofy to the extreme, surreal and absolutely jam-packed with brilliant cameos, throw-away gags and set-pieces, THE JERK stands the test as one of the greatest comedies of all time.

Seems that not long ago the sniper trying to off poor, witless Navin wasn't the only one who hated cans. They were also the scourge of the beer drinking community. Thankfully Oskar Blues came along and started to change all that, showing beer nerds everywhere just how good canned beer can (and should) be. Eat your heart out, Silver Bullet... This special Beer Dinner presentation will feature a specially curated selection of Oskar Blues brews in cans paired with five courses of gourmet food that pair expertly with the film. (Yes, we will be serving Pizza in a Cup.... read on for the full menu!)

Not only that, but Oskar Blues brewery founder Dale Katechis -- the "Dale" of Dale's Pale Ale fame -- will join us in person to nerd out on craft beers and a laugh along with us. We may also try to convince him to juggle cats. Absolutely guaranteed to be an evening even more exciting than getting your name in the phone book.  

Behold, the menu: 

Tuna Fish on White Bread 
Tuna poke on toasted Hawaiian bread....Paired with Dale’s Pale Ale

Escargot in ale-garlic brown butter, grilled sourdough....Paired with Mama’s Little Yellow Pils

Pizza in a Cup
A cup made of parmesan pizza crust filled with Bolognese and topped with fresh mozzarella and asiago cheese and crisp pepperoni....Paired with Old Chub

Bunny and Eggplant
Rabbit braised in fresh wine with carrot gravy on chicken fried eggplant....Paired with G’Night Imperial Red

Fried Twinkee with  roast blueberries and chile infused chocolate sauce....Paired with Deviant Dale’s IPA

We’re taking this show on the road to Austin, San Antonio and Houston so spread the word to Jerks across the state!

Get your tickets NOW! 

December 4th- Slaughter Lane, Austin 

December 5th- Stone Oak, San Antonio

December 6th- Mason Park, Houston


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