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Announcing the BURNING LOVE Marathon with Ken Marino live!

Ken Marino’s BURNING LOVE is coming to the Alamo and is raising money for Austin Firefighters!  Will you accept his hose?

Announcing the BURNING LOVE Marathon with Ken Marino live!

"I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh but isn't afraid of robots….maybe somebody ethnic."- Mark Orlando

Ken Marino’s BURNING LOVE is coming to the Alamo!  Will you accept his hose? Tickets are on sale NOW

It is with great pleasure that we announce the BURNING LOVE Marathon with star/director/producer Ken Marino and writer/producer Erica Oyama live in person August 4th at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar! Yes, the most romantic, comedic web series that ever will be is jumping from the tiny laptop screen to the giant Alamo screen!  The two people behind this achievement in modern internet comedy will be on hand to watch every episode back to back and are ONLY doing it at the Drafthouse! 

BURNING LOVE has a home online on the Yahoo! Comedy Channel and features the comedic chops of Ben Stiller, Michael Ian Black, Kristen Bell, Adam Scott, Paul Scheer, Senor Chang from COMMUNITY and pretty much everyone else that you know and love from CHILDRENS HOSPITAL and/or PARTY DOWN. Oh, and also a giant panda bear.

The series takes all of the ridiculousness of shows like THE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE and turns them inside out with surreal self-aware humor. Throughout the series, the main character, hunky fireman Mark Orlando (played expertly by Marino) journeys thru bubble bath challenges, contestant fights and blurred out female genitalia in order to find the soul mate of his dreams. The camera angles, lighting, and tone of the fame-starved participants all are perfect.  Over the course of this marathon we’ll find out just how many hours of reality dating shows Ken and Erica watched in order to nail the format so aptly.  We’ll also likely all be high fived enthusiastically by Ken

Austin has been lucky to see sneak peaks of this show long before it hit the internet when Ken smuggled it down to preview it at the WAINY DAYS event that was part of Off-Centered Film Fest and again at the ULTIMATE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL MARATHON.  The intelligent (and good looking) Austin fans of quality comedy have long been hip to the amazing satire that is BURNING LOVE but now it’s time to give the show all of the attention that it deserves! 

As Mark Orlando looks for someone to ignite the flames of love over the course of this marathon screening, you’ll laugh along with the star and creator of BURNING LOVE and in the process you’ll improve your karma!  Proceeds from the ticket sales goes directly to The Austin Firefighters Relief & Outreach Fund.   That’s no joke.

Are you ready to take this leap?  Get your tickets to this magical and charitable evening on the showpage HERE

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