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Announcing The 2012 VIP Badge Lottery Names

100 names were chosen at random to be able to purchase 2012 VIP badges once they go on sale. Read on for the names.

Announcing The 2012 VIP Badge Lottery Names

A reminder about the 2012 VIP badge system from this post:

We have brought in a nonbiased, non-Fantastic Fester to help us with this process. They have been given a list of all the paid, industry and press badges for 2011. They will be randomly selecting 100 names off this list. If your name is selected you will have the opportunity to purchase your 2012 VIP badge prior to us putting them on sale for everyone else.

There are a total of 200 VIP badges available so assuming all 100 people claim their VIP badge there will still be an additional 100 VIP badges that will be put on sale on October 5th at 6pm. All Film badges will be going on sale at this time also.

If your name is on the list, you will have until October 3rd to claim your badge. You will receive an eventbrite invitation to RSVP for your badge. You MUST RSVP BY THE 3RD at midnight or your badge will go back into the pool of badges to be sold on the 5th. You can NOT transfer your badge to another person so if you don’t want it, it goes back on sale.

The 100 names:

MIchael Adkins
Mark Ankner
Jillian Apfelbaum
Fernando Avalos
Arianne Ayers
Jonathan Barger
edgar bartolo
Marjorie Baumgarten
Matthew Bazzell
Nathan Beach
Roxanne Benjamin
derrick bertrand
Vidar Bråthen
David Brodner
Nicholas Bruhn
Christopher Calilung
Dave Canfield
Ian Carrie
Dina Castillo
Pearl Choi
Daniel Cloud
Brian Collins
Pablo Cornejo
Anthony Crissman
francois Crozier
Austin Culp
James Curry
Jessica  Daniel
Morad Darwish
Daisy De La Torre
Craig DeBarge
Tron Delapp
David Delrie
William M Donovan
Marie Du Mond
Eric Eidelbach
josh emanuel
Joshua Eskew
Kristen Fischer
Christine Fisher
gabriel friedmann
Katherine G. Holmes
Brian Gaar
Joe Gross
Jacob Hall
Adam Hansen
Russ Hartman
Austin Higgins
Linda Highland
Aaron Hillis
Shawn Hinkle
Stephen Jannise
Angela Jones
Erin Katribe
Evan Katz
Barbara Kennedy
Kevin Ketchum
Benjamin Kim
Kristin Larsen
Derek Lewis
Rod Lott
Emily Lu
Alan Luecke
Tyler Malka
john mckenna
Gilbert Mendolla
Alan Metayer
Austin Mills
Benjamin Moody
Lori Moore
Mary Nassef
Tony Nunez
Liam ODonnell
kevin ohara
Kevin Padgett
Jorge Paris
Eric Perraud
John Pierson
Tom Quinn
Aaron Rainbolt
Raul Ramirez
Sara Reeves
Chantell Richardson
Katie Romanko
Emily Rothschild
Alicia Rutledge
Kristy Schisler
Ailsa Scott
John Shields
J. Wilson Smith III
Camilla Steiro
Ed Travis
Glenn Twiggs
Edward Velasquez
Benjamin Welu
Elizabeth Woodcock
Carla Zamorano Ruiz
Dustin Zick


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