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Announcing 2013 Off-Centered Film Fest

YO! he 2013 Off-Centered Film Festival is upon us! 

Announcing 2013 Off-Centered Film Fest

Yo.  Party people.  Your dreams have now been fulfilled: the 2013 Off-Centered Film Festival is upon us.  This year, the 6th annual collaboration between Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema pledges its allegiance to hip-hop with a heavy emphasis on the HOPs. Over the past years, the fest has evolved into one of Austin’s premier beer community events, and we hope that you’ll join us for the fun! We invite you to join in the beats and the ales over the weekend with special guest straight outta Delaware: Dogfish Head founder and head brewer Sam Calagione!

The three night Dogfish Head invasion of our hood kicks off on April 18th with a Rolling Roadshow in downtown Austin featuring a FRIDAY Beer Party complete with KOOP Radio’s HIP-HOP HOORAY DJ’s, Austin’s best food trucks and not a jacker in sight (you know… because of that Ice Cube song.)  In addition, all of our friends from the Central Texas brewing community will be out in full force showcasing their most extreme, new, vintage and rare brews.  Come early to this to get at the native nectars and stake out a good plot of land in front of the screen so you can see Chris Tucker say “Daaaaayyyymn!” from the optimal angle.  Oh, AND we'll be helping raise funds for a wonderful non-profit: the Texas Craft Brewers Guild . Click HERE for more info.

The Off-Centered Film Fest Beer Feasts are the stuff of legends. We’ve got “the Glow.”  The Alamo’s worked closely with the hip HOP heads at Dogfish to bring the best possible combination of food, drink and film pairing with the LAST DRAGON Beer Feast April 19th with expert pairings of gourmet food and deep cuts from the insanely complex Dogfish Head portfolio.  Yes, once a year in Austin the brewery busts out special aged and hard-to-come-by kegs from their expansive cellars and share them with the Alamo. As a result, this feast always sells out- so act crazyfast! If you like quality craft beer, hi-fi gourmet food and/or extreme high kicks … this feast is for you. Click HERE for the full menu and brace yoself- Alamo Austin Market Concept Chef Trish Eichelberger has crafted a KILLER menu to bring out the best in the beer and Bruce Leroy’s kung fu grip. 

The Action Pack is pitching in and bringing to life a brand new JIGGY CRUNK SING-ALONG to help celebrate the best music video jams ever from the likes of Coolio, Warren G, Will Smith and maybe just maybe the ice cold one himself: Vanilla Ice.  This is the first Sing-Along in the 6-year Off-Centered Film Fest history- to make it special there will be plenty of special Dogfish Head flowing.  These will be key in the loosening of inhibitions to rap along with Warren G.  "REGULATORSSSSSS!! Mount up!"  Click HERE for more info.  

The SHORT FILM COMPETITION component of the fest is a time for filmmakers and beer enthusiasts alike to come together to find common ground. As always, each entry had to include Dogfish Head and be generally “off-centered”, and this year each entry also had to have a “hip hop” twist. With so much room for interpretation, there is always some pretty wyyyld stuff on screen that you’re going to want to see with a crowd April 20th! The shorts screenings are always a blast thanks largely in part to the special high ABV beers that are available!  Click HERE for more info!

Lastly, Join us for the closing event as we celebrate the greatness of Eminem and Brittany Murphy in the 2002 gloriously grimy 8 MILE! This is the hip-hop PURPLE RAIN and one of the top semi-autobiographical movies of all time about a forlorn white wannabe rapper. To accompany this screening we’ve recruited local freestyle wunderkind p-teK to help host a preshow battle rap competition with the crowd.  We're also having Dogfish Head founder and head brewer Sam Calagione dust off some old PAIN RELIEVAZ tracks.  Yes mild mannered brewery owner by day is also Funkmaster I.B.U., half of the world's first (and probably only) beer-geek hip-hop ensemble!  This screening will also feature some special Randalizations of some of the best Dogfish Head brews in the catalog.  What is a Randal you ask? It’s essentially a double-chamber filter that is connected to a beer tap that is filled with tasty ingredients giving the brew an extra injection of flava. These special Randal combos will ONLY be found at this screening so make plans to be at Slaughter Lane April 20th.  Click HERE for more info. 

Tickets for each screening are on sale NOW. 


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