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An historic day at the Ritz: May 8, 1982

Every once in a while, I'll let my fingers do the walking and do a few random Google searches: my name, the Alamo Drafthouse, whatever. Last night I happened to let my attention drift and embarked on a Google search for the Ritz. I stumbled upon an incredible account on documenting May 8, 1982. That was the day that Randy Biscuit Turner booked the very first punk show at the Ritz, unknowingly ushering in the golden age of hardcore in Austin.

I'm more acquainted with the Jim Franklin days of 1974-1975 than I was with the brief but apparently white hot year of 1982 when punk exploded at the Ritz, so I devoured this article quickly. Before May 8, 1982, no sizeable venue was booking hardcore shows in Austin. Once the floodgates were open though, the Ritz hosted all of the legendary hardcore bands of the day: Minor Threat, Husker Du, the Misfits, the Circle Jerks and of course, Black Flag, until the police ended up shutting things down later that year.

The more I read about the Ritz, the more I get excited about our new home and the amazing, unique and varied history it's had. Once we open up, we'll be decorating select spots in the new space with photos of all the amazing eras of the Ritz, from the beginning days, the Jim Franklin years, 1982 and of course the post-punk metal years. I for one, can wait to get the doors open again to hopefully continue the story.

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