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An Extendable Expendable Late Show

Get pumped with some of the very best nostalgic action that cinema has to offer.

An Extendable Expendable Late Show

"I could have killed 'em all, I could've killed you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it! Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go. Let it go!" - John Rambo

You can see the bloody, dripping, exploding passion that Sylvester Stallone has for the action genre. His EXPENDABLES trilogy has felt like a beautiful love letter to the tragic muscle bound lugheads of yore.  Now any gangley armed marathon runner, harnessing the unlimited power of green screen and post production lens flares are our modern day heroes. We salute Sly and his unnabashed love for big guns and bigger muscles. We wanted to create an homage to some of the Expendable greats with our own Late Show line up. Every Saturday this month at 10:30pm, join us for what is sure to be the best, bloodiest and most explosive day of your week (at least we hope it is).

THE TERMINATOR - The Austrian Oak finds his true calling into the action genre. The near perfect chemistry of a being that feels no pain and a director so demanding, he doesn't care if you do.

BLADE - Before vampires and comics were hip, Wesley Snipes and Marvel rolled out their half-man, half-vampire, garlic wielding anti-hero. Snipes' lightning quick martial arts moves and unforgivable 90s techno soundtrack make this a time capsule of awesome 90s action.

FIRST BLOOD - A truely unique masterpiece. One of the best social commentaries speaking out, for the men returning from an unpopular war. This movie is so far removed from the trigger happy prequels it spawned. Come see an almost zen like assessment of a man pushed to the edge,.....with guns.

DEMOLITION MAN - The true comedic chemistry of two perfect physical specimens is put onto display. The lively and hipnotic Wesley Snipes takes on a meat-headed Sly Stallone in a world where Taco Bell rules, cursing is a crime and strange things are going on with seashells.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE - A true man's man. A golden god. A muscle bound chemical engineer. Yes, one of the greatest physical threats can also tear you apart with his mind. Dolph Lundgren's post Ivan Drago role found him donning,......very little and raising the plastic toy line into a live action, in the flesh, fantasy flick. Dolph ceased to be mearly man and became He-Man.

Full lineup for the August Late Show HERE!


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