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American Genre Film Archive on Display at Slaughter Lane

Alamo Slaughter Lane will be filled with floor-to-ceiling cases of 35mm prints from the American Genre Film Archive!

American Genre Film Archive on Display at Slaughter Lane

We've added a cool new feature to the upcoming Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane that is unique to all Alamo locations.  In the main hallways heading to the auditoriums, we have lined the walls with floor to ceiling glass cases.  Locked in these cases and on display to visitors of the Alamo Slaughter Lane are choice 35mm prints from the American Genre FIlm Archive.  In 2007, we helped form the 501.C3 non-profit film archive  with the mission of preserving the disappearing history of genre film from the 1960s to the 1990s.  One of the unfortunate casualties of the conversion of film to digital is that vast archives of 35  film are headed to the dumpster instead of being preserved.  Sure George Eastman House, the Academy Film Archive and the like do a decent job of preserving and restoring the giants of American film, but we feel is it just as important, if not more important to preserve LA STREETFIGHTERS and PSYCHO FROM TEXAS.

Although our first run movies are almost exclusively digital these days, we will continue to maintain 35mm projectors and a staff who knows how to run them.  BLOOD FREAK will never get a 4K digital restoration but it still deserves to be projected in a darkened theater now and again.  On each of your visits to Alamo Slaughter Lane, take a few minutes to scan the cases; we'll have on display about 500 of the nearly 2000 35mm prints of the American Genre Film Archive.  For more information about the archive check out


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