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Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride? We’re Okay With That!

Remember that bridesmaids dress you thought you'd never wear again? Well bust it out for opening night of BRIDESMAIDS at the Ritz and then a "wedding reception" style after party at The Highball!

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride? We’re Okay With That!

Don't get me wrong, I think weddings are super fun, but that's because it's never been my wedding. Now, I'm sure that the bride and groom have a blast most of the time, but the real fun is being part of the wedding party. When my sister got married, and the bartender was pouring tequila into the open mouths of EVERYBODY (we were in Mexico, where the tequila flows... well... like tequila), my sister turned down the offer because she didn't want to be a puking bride. That of course meant, as her sister, I had to step up to the plate and drink tequila for two. 

What I'm saying is this: as the wedding party, this isn't our "special day," so we can have as much fun and get as messy as we need to. We don't really need to remember it as much as they do! Now, my sister didn't have a traditional wedding, and she has some pretty solid fashion sense, so even if she did bridesmaids dresses I'm sure they would've been cute. Some ladies, however, don't have fashionable friends. Some ladies are stuck with amazing horrors such as these:

"I know you're all allergic to flowers, so I got you these super cute parasols instead!"


"Thanks, Grandma, for making all of our dresses!"


Okay, these are kind of awesome.

Anyway, the point is, you can't return these things. Once you buy a bridesmaids dress, it lives in your closet until THE END OF TIME. Never to be worn again. OR SO YOU THOUGHT! That's right, we're giving you not one, but two chances to wear that ugly thing (or adorably sensible thing - again, depending on the wedding) once again! On opening night (Friday, May 13th) of BRIDESMAIDS at the 7pm Alamo Ritz show, the awesome folks from UNBRIDALED will be in attendance giving away prizes for the best/worst bridesmaids dresses! There will also be a photobooth set up by photographer Sherry Hammonds so you can keep the memories forever!

After that, take your girls and your dresses over to the BRIDESMAIDS Party at The Highball (next to Alamo S. Lamar) for a wedding reception without the wedding! We'll have cake, alcohol and a music video dance party by The Action Pack. No one has to write the perfect wedding speech, and no one has to tell any one how happy they are for them! It's perfect! Oh, and if you see Bridesmaids at the Ritz for the 7pm or 8pm show, you'll get a coupon that's valid for $2 off your first Highball cocktail at that party!

So dig through that closet, or storage unit, or attic box, and reuse that dress! We'll see you at the wedding reception!


PS. I don't even understand this wedding (try not to focus on the whorish children for a minute, and look to the left at the woman in a shiny pants and bra!!!):


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