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Almost There - A South Lamar Update

Space ships are flying, murals are hung, and a bowling lane bar top has been put in place.  Also: Carpets. 

Almost There - A South Lamar Update

The interiors at the Alamo South Lamar/Highball are so close to completion, you can almost hear the projectors running. As Tim League mentioned in the comments section in my previous post, the opening “should be soon.” As has been mentioned before in these posts (and confirmed by Tim last week), the ultimate decision on when South Lamar can open depends on the conditions around the theater. For now, though, let’s take a look around and see how it is all coming together.

The view from the driveway in front of the Alamo. You can see some framing on the ground to prep for concrete in front of the Highball patio.

A little more progress has been made to the plaza area. They are grading the ground here to prep for concrete.

The highball patio has been encased in glass.

The entrance to the lobby is complete with doors.

The lobby.

A close up of the lobby’s mural.

Another angle on the lobby.

The entrance to the Highball.

Some fancy door handles. You can make out some of the detail here.

The bowling alley bar.

Another angle on the bar. After a little more sanding and a lot of lacquer, the bar top will be done. I was told, however, that the dance floor is completed.

Carpet has been installed in the hallway.

Server station for theater 1.

Theater 1 is pretty much complete.

Theater 3 needs just a little more work before being complete.

In the original South Lamar hallway, carpet is down and new theater flags have been installed.

Entrances to the original South Lamar theaters have been tiled to match the new ones.

A reverse angle shot of the new theater flags.

Upstairs in the original South Lamar booth, the projectors have been unwrapped and the port windows cleaned.  These are the projectors for theater 4.

A reverse angle shot down the original South Lamar booth. It is beginning to look like its former self again.

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