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All your base are belong to THE EXPENDABLES

If the promise of a big budget flick starring pretty much EVERY notable action star of the past 30 years doesn't appeal to your sense of nostalgia, then don't even bother reading the rest of this post.  But for those who grew up on a steady stream of RAMBO movies interspersed with games of CONTRA on the Nintendo, you better listen up; drop whatever you are doing and head over to the Facebook page for THE EXPENDABLES movie and click the "I like" button.  Do it now; I'll wait.....

If you followed my instructions, you are no doubt already transfixed with the awesome 8-bit arcade version of the upcoming movie and therefore unable to read the rest of this post.  It's cool, I understand...To be quite honest, I'm having a hard time willing myself to finish writing when there are so many pixelated baddies that need killing.   Play as Barney Ross, Lee Christmas or Yin Yang as you head to South America to take out an evil dictator (just like in the movie!).  Beat the game as Yin Yang to unlock the bonus mode and for a chance to check out alternate endings and easter eggs.  Lionsgate is also giving up some movie swag for those who make it onto the Top 10 All-Time High Scores list.  Give it a shot and let us know what your high score is.

While the 8-bit version of the film is no substitute for the real thing, this should at least help to kill time until the August 13th release of THE EXPENDABLES.  And for those who feel like 8/13 is still waaaaay too far off, stay tuned for some exciting news on that front.

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