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All Signs Point to YES! - A South Lamar Update

When you are installing software, testing networks, and calibrating projectors, you know that wrapping things up is right around the corner.

All Signs Point to YES! - A South Lamar Update

Really, the shot above says most of it. While immediately outside the lobby doors the concrete still needs to be poured for the plaza (scheduled for Monday), the remaining work inside consists mainly of smaller details (and installing more furniture). As I roamed the building snapping pictures, crews were hard at work mopping floors, polishing brass, and otherwise doing the daunting work of cleaning up a former construction site. Let’s take another look around. But first, a few close up shots of the new signs.

Inside the lobby, seating is going into place.

Ticketing terminals are in the lobby and Aloha terminals are installed throughout the building. While I was there, Alamo IT folks were testing the systems.

A view of the lobby from the hallway leading to the theaters.

Carpet in the Highball is down.

Booths in the Highball are almost complete.

Restrooms in the Highball.

The Highball’s fantastic bar. This photo really doesn’t do it justice.

All that is needed here is some booze and a few bartenders. This bar looks ready to put into service.

A little detail in the Highball.

Here are the stairs leading from the Highball to the karaoke rooms.

Upstairs, the carpet has been laid and doors to the karaoke rooms have been hung. If you look in the second door on the right, you can see a ghostly Laura Fleischauer peeking out. I ran into Laura and Zack Carlson and they were kind enough to give me a tour of the karaoke rooms, which they designed and built. Pictures of these rooms will be posted when they are complete, so for now you will just have to believe me when I say they are nothing short of amazing. Laura and Zack have taken karaoke room design to a whole new level here, and have added a dimension (in many cases literally) that will make the karaoke experience at the Highball a lot more fun.

These are the service entrance stairs to the karaoke rooms.

There is so much more additional signage around. Here is the entrance to theater 1.

And here is the inside of theater 1. Notice that seat numbers are starting to be assigned.

Here is the entrance to theater 4, originally theater 1. I really wish I had taken a picture of this hallway two months ago when it was crammed with stuff and looked like a disaster area. The progress in the original South Lamar building over the past two months has been nothing short of impressive.

I include this image of the inside of theater 4 to point out one important feature: The screen. Regulars of the original South Lamar no doubt remember the silver screen that used to be in here. To be frank, it wasn’t all that pleasant to look at what with the streaks. This new screen isn’t silver, but it is beautiful.

This shot is looking down the new hallway towards the lobby. You will notice some brightly painted doors separate the old and new hallways. The reason for this will become apparent very soon.

And here are the brains of the building. Lots of wires and flashing lights. We’re so close, folks. So damned close.

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