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All About the Alamo Aspen Grove

Dinner. Drinks. Movies. Events... But that's just the beginning. What can you expect from the Alamo Drafthouse in Aspen Grove? A lot.

All About the Alamo Aspen Grove

At its core, the Alamo Drafthouse is a cinema eatery that allows you to enjoy delicious food and drinks from the comfort of your seat. We have a trained staff of servers who will take your order and deliver items to you in the theater without disturbing the movie watching experience. And yes, those drinks include the kind that we can only serve to audience members 21 years and older. Believe me, nothing makes a blockbuster more enjoyable than a cold beer or perfect cocktail in your hand while you're watching the action explode on screen.

But maybe you've been to another cinema eatery somewhere and you're thinking, "Yeah, that's cool, but is that it?" No. Where other cinema eateries end, we're just getting started.

At the Alamo, we're fanatical about perfecting the movie going experience for fans of great story telling who are tired of risking their hard earned entertainment dollars at "regular" movie theaters that no longer seem to care. Here are just some of the ways we accomplish that goal:

SUPERB PRESENTATION: We offer only the best in projection, sound, and overall presentation. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our projection and A/V staff are trained to be experts. Whether you're coming to the theater for the latest Hollywood offering, the best indie films, a retro title enjoying an interactive revival, or you've rented the auditorium to show off your latest PowerPoint project, you can rest assured that everything will look and sound better than you've seen it before.

NO ADVERTISEMENTS: We never play commercials before any features in our theater. Ever. You already paid to see the movie, so why should you have to sit through the latest car commercials, too? You shouldn't. We'll play trailers for upcoming features, of course, because sometimes that can be the best part of the show. But when you first sit down you won't have to sit through slides advertising other businesses in the shopping center. You won't have to hear about what crappy new TV shows are coming to a network near you with the new season. Instead, you'll enjoy a themed preshow of video clips custom edited to the feature you're about to enjoy.

NO TALKING OR TEXTING DURING THE MOVIE: You know how other movie theaters remind you that "silence is golden" and a narrator talks over a CGI cartoon to remind you not to talk but then no one actually does anything about the nincompoop who answers his cell phone during the movie? We won't stand for that. We use our waiters to help us enforce our strict "Don't Talk" rules. We don't allow conversations, phone calls, or even texting during the show. Sure, texting is silent, but that light is incredibly distracting and we're all here for the movie. If you want to tell your friends how good or bad the show is, you'll have to wait until after the credits roll. And we really do kick people out, as this Angry Texter who ended up getting called out by Anderson Cooper and Whoopi Goldberg can attest.

SIGNATURE PROGRAMMING: In addition to the best first run features available from the major studios and independent producers alike, the Alamo Drafthouse has built a reputation as being the Best Theater Ever (Time Magazine) by generating all manner of signature series and special programming you won't find anywhere else. Girlie Night celebrates the classic "slumber party" movies and romantic comedies you can watch over and over again by bringing classics like Splash, Amelie, and Mean Girls back to the big screen for a monthly series. The Action Pack creates interactive Quote-Along and Sing-Along screenings that take the concept of Rocky Horror and extend it to more of your favorite movies, letting you quote-along with The Princess Bride, sing-along with David Bowie in Labyrinth, or just have a theatrical dance party with subtitled screenings fo the best music videos of the '80s, '90s and today. We also work with our chefs to create all kinds of special feast events, featuring everything from Italian courses paired with The Godfather to special brunch screenings of Breakfast at Tiffany's. No matter what your taste, you'll find a special event that feels custom made just for you.

ROLLING ROADSHOW EVENTS: We are so serious about our events and special programming that often we can't contain it all inside the theater. And so along with the Alamo Aspen Grove we'll also be building a Rolling Roadshow rig that will allow us to screen movies in parks and other remote locations throughout the Denver area. Look for family classics you can enjoy on beautiful summer evenings as well as our signature "famous movies in famous locations" events that will screen films in every conceivable location. Past events in Austin have included The Goonies screened in a cave and Jaws screened on Lake Travis while the audience floated on inner tubes and specially outfitted divers nipped at their toes during key scenes.

And that's just talking about the things we've done before. I'm sure that as we get closer to the opening date in Littleton we'll have all sorts of new ideas to talk about. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog, or follow us on Twitter (@alamodenver) or find us on Facebook. We'll be posting construction photos as the site comes together, and we plan on announcing all sorts of fun pre-opening events and different ways of getting free movie tickets so you can be the first to see a movie at the theater.

We're just getting started with this project, but we can't wait to open the doors and see you at the movies.

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