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Alex Cox tickets go on sale May 1! Don’t miss ‘em!

alex-coxDirector Alex Cox has carved his name in the annals  of film history with a switchblade. Although the Liverpool, England-born auteur has supplied his unique gift for filmmaking to major studios in the past, the stuff of his legend rides fast and loose outside the long arm of the suits.  And by doing so, he has given an unyielding voice to the otherwise cacophonic grumble of various counter-cultures throughout his career.

Thanks to The Austin School of Film, Mr. Cox will be at the Ritz for three separate cinema events.  And to give everyone a fair shake, we wanted to let you know that tickets to all of the events will go on sale Friday, May 1 at noon.

Aside from directing, Alex Cox is an expert on the art of European Westerns- the "Spaghetti" Western.  And by his request, we are proud to present a special Cinema Under the Influence presentation of the 1966 Michele Lupo classic ARIZONA COLT with Alex Cox Live for insight and commentary (7pm on Sunday, May 17).  The price of admission will include an all-you-can-eat spaghetti feast!

Immediately following that screening, Mr. Cox will be on hand to personally present his new film SEARCHERS 2.0- an eclectic, laugh-out-loud send-up of the original SEARCHERS steeped in all the elements of an Alex Cox original.

And finally, the following day, May 18, Alex Cox will present a rare 35mm screening of REPO MAN!  Considered to be The Ultimate Punk Film, in fact, REPO MAN could be called The Ultimate '80s Film, with its shipwrecked characters living low beneath the shadows of the crummy Reagan era.

These are events you do not want to miss.  If you don't want to risk missing out on any or all of these screenings, then mark it down- tickets will go on sale Friday, May 1 at noon.

ARIZONA COLT Spaghetti Western Spaghetti Feast



Be there.

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