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Alamo Village - The Best Kept Beer Secret in Austin

You may not know it, but we're doing some pretty amazing things at the Village. Although we don’t have a lot of space here at the Village bar, we’re still doing some kickass stuff, bringing some of the most delightful beers to our Badass Tap week after week and having a rotating line of special bottles that'll make your tongue roll out of your mouth.

For instance, our current Badass Tap is Wytchmaker Rye IPA from one of Austin’s newest breweries, Jester King Brewing company. Wytchmaker is a well crafted IPA bursting with a nicely blended variety of hops that lend to a nose of pine and grapefruit, and is well balanced with biscuity malt. The addition of the rye brings through a nice spice that sets it apart from your standard American IPAs.

Wytchmaker is currently only available on draft, but we’ve got some new Alamo Growlers in so you can take it home with you. Alamo Growlers hold 2 liters of beer and since we often offer a variety of beers that aren’t always available in bottles, it’s a great way to take some of these badass beers home with you.

Also, we’ve got a nice line up of specials right now including Oskar Blue’s Old Chub. Old Chub is a fine Scotch Ale from a Colorado Brewery, and it’s in a can. Old Chub has the rich malty sweetness you’d expect from a classic Scotch Ale with brown sugar and spice. A surprise in a can. We also have Ephemere, from Canadian brewery Unibroue, a Belgian-style white ale with flavors of apples and spice, it is sweet and tart and very effervescent.

We’ll be making good use of the space we’ve got and keeping an exciting array of badass brews available to you. So please come in and check us out!

Ian McKenzie, Head Beer Nerd, Alamo Village

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