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Alamo South Mopac Now Alamo Slaughter Lane!

Working out the name and building up the theater! 

Alamo South Mopac Now Alamo Slaughter Lane!

We tried Alamo South Mopac for a while, but it didn't quite roll off the tongue. We're now going with Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane for the location's official title! Sounds a little more hardcore that way!

Things are coming along nicely at the new location. The concrete slab is getting cut to make room for stuff like the kitchen, the lobby bar and the bathrooms (all very important!), the entry is taking shape, and there's brick going up on the outside! She's starting to look like a legit theater!


Just inside the entrance, this hole will eventually house the lobby bar. The red "catwalk" above will be our projection booth.


To give you more of an idea of the space we're dealing with: view from the projection mezzanine. Sunny patch to the right is the entrance, dirt patch on the left will be a gigantic kitchen! Imagine theaters in the spaces in between!

Coming up soon, we've got a post from Bill Norris giving us the lowdown on delicious tequilas, more updates, and we'll start letting you guys in the loop on design here pretty soon! Once again, when we have an actual opening date, you'll be the first to know!

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