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Alamo Programmers’ Top 10 of ‘09 CONTINUED!

So I've been out of town for the past week, and I missed the epic lists that everyone else in the office produced. I thought I'd add my two cents as well, because I have watched a bazillion movies this year and I felt left out! Not really, but I just wanted to throw some stuff out there. Also, I was too intimidated by a top 20 of the decade list, so instead I'm just going to add a "Top 10 Suckiest Movies of '09" list - which may or may not be 10 movies.


These are kind of based more on my initial reaction upon seeing them, which also includes surrounding crowd, location, etc.


If you got to see this at the Paramount during Fantastic Fest last year, then many of you may agree with me. I went into this movie with absolutely no expectations.. well, actually, I went in with terrible expectations. I thought the trailer looked stupid, and the premise was unoriginal. And then the movie started, and the slow motion opening credits with the little girl princess zombies and the soccer mom flying through the window happened, and with the rest of the crowd, I was sold. I don't know if I've ever had so much fun in a premiere than I did then. Major props to Ruben Fleischer.


Okay, I know a lot of people are gonna jump on the hate train with this one but I DON'T CARE I LOVED THIS MOVIE. Yes, I was initially sold on the gorgeous trailer with the Arcade Fire background song. Yes, I watched it at a midnight screening when I was both physically and mentally exhausted after a really stressful week. Yes, The Blindside trailer which was on right before it made me start crying before the film even started. All of those things made me cry like a like a baby the ENTIRE movie and I was so in love with that adorable little boy. Spike Jonze teamed with Karen O made this one of the most memorable movies ever for me. Love it.

3. UP

You have no soul if you didn't like Up. I have never been more impressed with Pixar. From when I saw the opening 40 minutes (roughly animated) at Butt-Numb-A-Thon 2008 and got so, so excited and cried even then, I knew this was going to be an amazing movie. The 3D was gorgeous, the mixture of an old man living out his dead wife's dreams with a little boy from a broken home trying to win his father's love and an adorable dog who hides under your porch because he loves you - ugh - too much - I'm about to cry just thinking about it. Again, I'm a total baby.


Um AWESOME! No, I didn't get to see the amazing premiere with Leonard Nemoy, and I was a little broken hearted because of that. But when I did finally see it, I was entertained the entire way through! Sure, the lens flares were a bit excessive, but the characters were dead on and I love me a Scottish Simon Pegg. Win. Also, Zack Carlson liked it, so it's got that going for it too.


This was another film where the atmosphere made the screening even greater. At Cinemapocalypse, when we knew Quentin Tarantino was premiering his film here, we had four giant Nazi flag banners hand crafted by two adorable little ladies to hang in our large theater at the Ritz. Tarantino had no idea, and so when those banners dropped in the theater, and the crowd went crazy, and Tarantino's mind was blown after the screening, that put Basterds up on my list. The movie was excellent too, no doubt.


Oh, Sam Rockwell, how I adore thee. I got to catch this masterpiece at SXSW last year after knowing absolutely nothing about it. I LOVED that it used models in exchange for CGI, and I loved that there were multiple Sam Rockwell's all over the place. It was sweet, it was creepy, and Kevin Spacey was a smiley-face robot.


It took me three weeks after this film came out to finally see it but I'm SO GLAD I DID! I was hesitant about the trailers, because for some reason I kept missing the part where it said "from Wes Anderson" - when I finally heard that part though, I got excited! The animation turned out to be really great, and the characters were super cute. Also, if you got to try the smoked duck pizza - YUM!


This movie was so goddamn sweet, and I couldn't get enough of Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski together. Fucking adorable. There's a high possiblity that this movie will make you a little baby crazy, but really it'll just make you smile. Also, Paul Schneider is in it for a little bit, Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a crazy hippie "eat organic and breastfeed 'til they're 12" mama, and there are little children singing "So Long, Farewell." Too cute, I could eat it up.


I know, I know, just hear me out on this one. No, I would not really consider this movie to be a piece of quality film making, BUT - Danny McBride is so goddamn funny in this movie that I had to put it in (and I'm sorry, but Will Ferrell's not that bad either). Okay, look. Next time you're hungover, and you've made your brain a little fuzzy with whatever hangover cure you use, put in Land of the Lost, wait half an hour for Danny McBride to be in it, and just try not to chuckle. It's impossible! This is a borderline kids movie with some pretty raunchy jokes. It's pure silliness. No, it's not going to win a fuckin' Oscar, but I've watched this movie a few times, and I still love it.


Honestly, I don't even know if I really like this movie or not. I think I do. What I really know is this: when I saw this movie at 11am during Fantastic Fest, the whole rest of my day (and the next couple of days) was spent trying to figure out what the fuck I just watched. It completely invaded my brain. Charlotte Gainsbourg does give an amazing performance, as does Willem Dafoe. It's shot beautifully, and Lars Von Trier managed to creep me the hell out. I want to see this movie again, and yet I'm not sure if I wish that I had seen it in the first place. It wins a spot on my Top 10 because it melted my brain.

And now - a few movies that pissed me off this year. Please do not be offended if these are your favorite movies. In reality, my opinion does not matter!

1. MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D - UGH! I saw this unfortunate film during BNAT. I was all "oh no! a scary movie! what do I do?!" and then BAM! Guess what movie, you were not scary! You were dumb! Oh wow! You're in 3D?! AWESOME! FYI - 3D shit flying at your face is still shit.

2. 500 DAYS OF SUMMER - I didn't necessarily hate this movie, but I greatly disliked it. Originally, I thought, "oh no, this is going to be a Zooey Deschanel quirk-fest!" Turns out, I didn't dislike her in it, but it was Joseph-Gordon Levitt who drove me up the wall. Quit yer whining JGL, nobody likes a whiner.

3. THE UGLY TRUTH - To be fair, I only made it through half of this film. I can only take so much misogyny and sexism. Sorry!

I avoided most of the other bad movies this year. I'll hold my tongue on my opinion of the Twilight films and other such things that have a big fan base, because really, I just don't understand it, and it's not really my place to knock things that I don't understand... even though I do in one on one conversation. So yeah, if you wanna know, hit me up.

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