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Alamo Iron Chef is back!

Announcing: IRON CHEF: BARRY LYNDON - March 24 at Alamo South Lamar

Let's face it - we've got an all star kitchen staff.  As this recent Austin American Statesman article demonstrates, our waiters and cooks endure some pretty difficult conditions yet still manage to shine. Our film-themed feasts are the stuff of legend, from the 7-course Lord of the Rings Trilogy Feast to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Party and everything in between.

But the most exciting demonstration of our culinary chops is, without a doubt, our IRON CHEF series. For this series, our chefs face head to head against some of the city's hottest and most talented restaurant chefs in an all out war. With a film playing in the background to inspire them, the kitchen masters create dishes that dazzle the mind. A panel of experts, led by our own Chairman Kaga, Alamo founder and CEO Tim League, judges the dishes and crowns the winner.

No matter who is anointed king, the audience is the real winner of the evening. You'll get to taste each of the courses prepared by the two teams, all while watching a marvelous film. This is about exciting dishes prepared by some of the best chefs in town - how could you go wrong?

And while we're on the subject of the film, we're very pleased to announce the film for this edition of IRON CHEF: Stanley Kubrick's BARRY LYNDON! This is the epic, 3-hour masterpiece set in 18th century UK that is heralded as one of Kubrick's (DR STRANGELOVE, 2001; A SPACE ODYSSEY; A CLOCKWORK ORANGE) finest films.

BARRY LYNDON was adapted from the 1844 novel The Luck of Barry Lyndon by William Makepeace Thackeray (Vanity Fair), a cherished tome that was the first in the English-language to center on a non-hero or antihero. Kubrick has long been the definitive master of the literary adaptation (with the exception of his first two films, every one of his movies is an adaption of a novel, and every one is superior to its source material), and here he brings to life this Victorian-era story with vibrancy, reverence, and picturesque beauty.

Redmond Barry is a poor man from Ireland without any extraordinary qualities. By matters mostly of coincidence he finds his way into situations that change the course of his life; he falls in love, leaves home, joins the army, deserts, falls in love again, marries a rich woman and somehow becomes part of the British aristocracy, only to ultimately destroy his privileged position and chance at wealth. Yet these events are of little consequence for Barry, or the film, which is a but an austere poem.

This IRON CHEF will see two teams facing off with BARRY LYNDON as the backdrop. The Red Team is the Alamo chefs, led by John Bullington. He's won a number of these in the last few years, and doesn't feel any fear. He should though. His opponent, the Black Team, is headed by the highly acclaimed Julio-Cesar Florez Zaplana. This Peruvian chef is doing amazing things at the Central/South American restaurant La Sombra, and he's ready to prove what he's capable of in the Alamo Iron Chef Stadium. It's going to be one bloody battle. Come hungry.

IRON CHEF: BARRY LYNDON will be March 24th at the South Lamar Theater. Tickets are on sale now!

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