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Alamo Grand Opening Celebration

Information about our Grand Re-Open schedule!

Alamo Grand Opening Celebration

We can't believe it, but it's finally here! It's been a long month away from everyone, but our theater is currently packed with new employees, and we're ready to go! At this point, we're just putting together the final touches making sure everything is ready for our epic soft open on November 12th through the 14th. Just a reminder, we'll have $2 tickets and half off of your entire food and beverage purchase, as well as screenings of GHOSTBUSTERS in 35MM, JURASSIC PARK, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, BRAVE 3D, KILLER JOE, and MAGIC MIKE.

That's not all, folks. We're kicking off the remainder of November with style that only the Alamo Drafthouse can bring! We've got plenty of our signature special events lined up, and we're not wasting any time. We'll be kicking off our Grand Re-Opening with FROM DUSK TILL DAWN, the film for people who want their vampires to spark because they're strippers! 

We'll have all of our November programming running through the 23rd, and starting the 24th is our massive Grand Re-Opening Celebration

We'll be kicking off on the 24th with a free showing of CHICKEN RUN for the kids, some classic DR. WHO, an X-MAS SING-ALONG, and feature presentations of SOME LIKE IT HOT.

Still feel like singing? Well we're keeping the ball rolling on the 25th with our LABYRINTH QUOTE-ALONG! Not just that, but we're bring back the highly demanded ROBOCOP screening with in theater pyrotechnics, and a few other surprises. I'd buy that a for a dollar!

If you're hungry for more, come back on the 26th for our O' BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? FEAST. We'll be showing the classic Coen Brothers flick with a with a high class dining experience themed around the film. We'll also be screening the newly remastered and restored ROLLING STONES classic live-film, SOME GIRLS! Mick Jagger can surely find some satisfaction in that!

The 27th will be swinging into session with a Girl's Night Out presentation of DIRTY DANCING. Not even the Alamo puts baby in the corner! Want something more manly? Come to our STRANGE BREW FEAST, where we'll be partnering with Boulevard Brewing Company to bring you the a fancy dining experience with the best canadian food and beer you could dream of. We'll even have the highly sought after never sold Lovechild #1!

Kansas City will be staying classy on the 28th with our ANCHORMAN QUOTE-ALONG. We'll be giving everyone fake mustaches and yazz flutes! But please, leave your Tridents at home. We'll also be showing THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY with an all out spaghetti dinner for this spaghetti western. What more can you ask for? 

If you must ask for more, we'll be showing THE DARK CRYSTAL in 35mm on the 29th, and bringing back THE MASTER for one more night with a chance to win an autographed poster by Paul Thomas Anderson! 

It's going to be an awesome time, and we can't wait to see you all there! 


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