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Alamo Gift Cards: A Better Gift Than Last Year’s

Okay. Guess what. Christmas is in 10 days. If you're anything like me, that just made you go "What?! Crap!" Take a breath. Calm down. Now, this news does nothing for me, because all of my friends and family know that I work for the Alamo so a gift card for them is like "Oh... great... you got me something from work.." plus I take them to the theater all the time. Really, they're all spoiled.

But not your friends and family! They're awesome! And how should you reward that awesomeness?! With a gift that requires little to no effort for you AND gets you something in return. That's right. Alamo Gift Cards. Buy $100 in gift cards (that's like, everybody on your Christmas shopping list) and you get a $20 food and beverage voucher to use on yourself! An absolute win-win scenario.

Oh yeah, the "Christmas is in 10 days" thing. As of today, you can tag on expedited shipping to your order. Sure, fast shipping is slightly pricier, but think of all the stress you're avoiding! All the crowds you don't have to stand in! All the traffic you don't have to drive through! If I have to pay an extra $10 to sit on my couch instead of go to a mall, you can bet your ass I'm doin' it!

At the Alamo, we like to call this "an investment in freedom." Well, us and Elizabeth Montgomery. Speaking of, we've been playing the same gift card promo for years, and it never fails to entertain us. I'm sure one day we'll move on, but until then, purchase your giftcards here, and enjoy...

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