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Alamo Film Programmers’ TOP TEN of 2006 !!!!

Hello, everyone. After allowing ourselves a couple weeks to settle and look back at last year's films with an objective, critical eye, we've decided on our favorite movies and moments of 2006.

It's like this:

TIM LEAGUE, Alamo founder:
1 Pan's Labyrinth
2 Adam's Apples
3 Borat
4 Naisu No Mori
5 The Prestige
6 Hard Candy
7 Monster House
8 Children of Men
9 Apocalypto
10 Jackass 2

KIER-LA JANISSE, film programmer and Music Mondays:
1. Brothers of the head
2. Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
3. The Living and the Dead
4. Blood Tea and Red String
5. Danielson: a Family Movie
6. Edmond
7. Calvaire
8. Brick
9. Beowulf & Grendel
10. Meltdown Memoirs or Rocky Balboa. Can't decide.

LARS NILSEN: film programmer and Weird Wednesdays:
Lars' 10 Favorite Alamo Moments of 2006
(No particular order and I reserve the right to slap my forehead and go, "Oh
I forgot about that!")
- Fantastic Fest Screening of FUNKY FOREST. It kept getting weirder and
weirder until I felt like my skin was sliding off.
- Quentin Tarantino hosted screening of Rollerderby exploitation movie UNHOLY
ROLLERS with the Lonestar Rollergirls.
- My favorite director Richard Rush in person for PSYCH OUT and THE STUNT MAN.
- Watching Peter Whitehead and Nikki St.-Phalle's bent psychodrama DADDY at
- Meeting Chuck Norris and hearing his war stories about making the MISSING IN
ACTION movies.
- The Weird Wednesday screening of the hitherto unknown Greek sexploitation
masterpiece WILD PUSSYCAT, which blew everyone out of the water and almost
made me start smoking.
- Seeing THE DION BROTHERS at QT Fest and afterwards quoting it for weeks with
everyone else who was there.
- Watching Boat Safety Films with a crew of weird people aboard a giant yacht
thanks to Skip Elsheimer.
- Watching RAW FORCE at Terror Thursday with a crowd that looked like it had
just snorted a line of coke off Richard Simmons' face.
- Everything else is tied for 10th place. I can't narrow it all down.
...Needless to say if you're living in Austin and you're not attending the
Alamo regularly you are wasting your life and you should get on the good

HENRI MAZZA, events programmer and singalongs:
What? We're talking about our favorite movies of 2006? 2006 is over. I can't remember that far back. I watched bunches of movies, and TV shows, too. But I'm not about the past; I'm all about tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. So screw it, here're my top picks for 2007, in no particular order:
- Pan's Labyrinth - it doesn't count as a 2006 movie because even though we had the premiere at Fantastic Fest, we didn't actually open the movie until this year. But it is really good, so it belongs on all lists.
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - some people are worried that this movie could be bad because it has CGI turtles. Those people are wrong, because this movie has CGI ninja turtles. And they're teenagers, too!
- Transformers - another movie that some of the more foolish are concerned about. Those people say that Michael Bay shouldn't touch their beloved characters. Enough with the Bay-bashing, people! Bad Boys 2: Greatest movie ever.
- The Golden Compass - all the escapism of Narnia, except instead of being based on a book written by a Christian, it's based on a book written by an Atheist. What the far right thought Harry Potter was trying to do, this book really does.
- Hot Fuzz - the cop movie from the guys who made Shaun of the Dead? Easy pick. Don't miss the premiere event at the Alamo Downtown, or your fuzz will never be hot again.
- Smiley Face - a lady accidentally eats a pot brownie then she has to go through her day. Stoner comedies can be hit or miss, but I heard that some uncle or cousin or something in my family dropped acid in his wife's glass of wine without telling her about it one night just because he wanted to see what would happen. That sounds like the meanest thing you could ever do to someone, but at the same time, the story did make me curious about how people would act if they didn't realize they were taking a drug. Now I can find out!
- Reno 911!: Miami - Lt. Dangle's shorts are needlessly long on the TV version. Now that they can be rated R? I just can't wait for an uncensored DVD...
- Spider-Man 3 - yeah, an obvious choice. But he's in the black costume in this one, and we all know what that means - Secret Wars, the Movie!
- Black Snake Moan - I just want another excuse to spend a couple of days listening to It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp. The new movie from Craig Brewer means that we'll get to put that scene from Hustle & Flow into the preshow and I can watch it over and over.
- TV Parties - Okay, it's not a movie, but I'm crazy excited for the TV of 2007. The 24 premiere with the nuclear explosion in LA was awesome, and Prison Break starts next week, Veronica Mars is back, and The Sopranos completely ends. And since we watch TV at the Village now, I figure that I can count those shows as movies. Hooray!

ZACK CARLSON, office goon and Terror Thursdays:
10) Wilderness
9) Monster House in 3D
8) V for Vendetta (begrudgingly, but true)
7) Jackass 2
6) Pan's Labyrinth
5) The Host (Korea)
4) Jonestown: the Life and Death of People's Temple
3) The Proposition
2) Calvaire
...and the gold medal, top drawer, A#1 of the year (no joke)...

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