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Alamo & Ameribotics Team Up For ROBOTS IN MOVIES Camp!

On June 10, we're helping today's youth take the first step into making PACIFIC RIM a reality.  

Alamo & Ameribotics Team Up For ROBOTS IN MOVIES Camp!

We love robots, and we’re still frustrated that we’re living in a world where C3PO, R2D2, Wall-E and Robby the Robot aren’t our best friends.   We’re still determined to see that future – if not for us, for our kids – and so we’re proud to pair up with Ameribotics, a non-profit robotics education organization, to help develop the robot-building youth of tomorrow. 

Starting on June 10, we will be lending one of our theaters to Ameribotics for their “Robots in Movies” camp. This is a three session camp that blends art and mechanics, and takes kids through the hands-on process of creating their own stop-motion film.   Inspired by PACIFIC RIM, the theme this year is “Robots vs. Monsters,” and students will be creating their own smash-em-up cinematic spectacle right here at the Drafthouse.

At the “Robots in Movies” camp, students won’t just learn about building and programming their own robots, but about the filmmaking process as they perfect storyboards, lighting, and scriptwriting.   It is a program that can appeal to a wide range of students, whether they dream of building R2D2, or just filming his adventures.   It’s a great introduction to the Ameribotics organization, and is the first step to competing at the 15th International Robot Olympiad, which will hosted by Ameribotics here in Colorado on December 16-19.

Students will also get the exciting opportunity to see their final film on the big screen. We’ll be screening their epic – which is sure to rival Guillermo Del Toro’s – at our Aspen Grove Free Family Film screening of THE IRON GIANT on Tuesday, July 9.   Ameribotics will also be in attendance at the event with their other robotic creations, giving the Aspen Grove and Alamo audience a chance to meet these amazing teachers and students.  They truly produce astonishing things, and it’s a great opportunity to see and be inspired by what today’s kids are doing.

To attend the Ameribotics “Robots in Movies” camp or for more information on this terrific organization, please visit their official website



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