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Alamo Yonkers is Popcorn Official

Taking a peek under the hood of our shiny new kitchen equipment (and still marvelling at our fancy lobby trimmings). 

Alamo Yonkers is Popcorn Official

Every day we're hustling.

But we are now popcorn official, which means our countdown to movie-theater legitimacy is nearing in! And this is a good time to preface that popcorn at the Alamo doesn't just end there. Our bottomless servings come with real melted butter, or herb parmesan butter for extra flavor seekers. 

Speaking of mixed goods, meet the creator of your future (and potentially alcoholic) milkshake.  Let it be known that this is an alchemist's wonderland, especially when we let our audience make their own suggestions.  Here's a taste of last year's contest finalists:  “Gourd of the Rings: One Shake to Rule Them All”, “Holy Cannoli”, “A Chocwork Orange”, “Waken & Bacon”, "Concessions Of A Dangerous Mind" and "Lemony Thickness: A Series of Fortunate Ingredients."  

This Jetson's looking doo-dad is a mixer - and it's a testament to our use of fresh, made-from-scratch ingredients.  This is what we use to mix the dough for all of our burger buns, pizza dough, tomato sauce and made to order cookies and brownies.  What kinds of burgers, pizza and cookies you ask? Plan your first meal by studying our menu in detail here

The days and hazards of pizza flinging are long gone thanks to this handy tool.  All of our fresh made dough is flattened here. 

And here's where our fresh buns get baked. 

Two very important words: AIR. CONDITIONING. 

Testing, testing. 

Plastic wrap is off! 

Not exactly a Sunset Boulevard staircase, but it is shaping up to be a grand entrance of its own kind! Big announcements coming up this week. Stay tuned. 


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