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First Alamo location in Nebraska slated for La Vista 


We are pleased to unveil our plans for the first location in Nebraska! The eight-screen theater, bar, and restaurant will be owned by Entertainment Management, operated by Alamo Drafthouse and located at the Southport West development across the street from the existing Cabelas. The theater is expected to open in 2015. Look for updates on construction, theater plans and so much more at the theater's Facebook page, Twitter account and blog.

We can't wait to meet you, Nebraska! 

If you are reading about us for the first time (and we hope many of you are!) here is a little bit about who we are and what to expect in Nebraska... 

Alamo Drafthouse combines dinner, drinks, films and events, all under one roof. The theaters have been heralded for their unique programming events and high exhibition standards, earning accolades like “Best Theater Ever” (Time Magazine) and “the coolest theater in the world” (Wired).

Alamo Drafthouse provides a unique combination of theater and restaurant, showing first-run movies, independent films and special events with an extensive menu made from scratch. Customers order food and drinks from servers who quietly attend to them throughout the movie.

Customers are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy the pre-show entertainment. Instead of a barrage of advertising, the Alamo shows a curated collection of rare and humorous clips.  “We're proud of the fact that we don't show advertising,” Tim League said. “People don't want to pay for a film and then be bombarded with 20 minutes or more of shampoo commercials and military recruiting ads.  Even if you don’t like the movie, our goal is to make the preshow entertainment so good you are still glad you came.”

Additionally, Alamo Drafthouse protects the theater experience with a zero tolerance policy for people who disrupt the film with talking or texting.  Alamo Drafthouse was featured on global news for a viral “Don’t Talk” PSA that used a humorously misguided voicemail from an actual patron who was ejected for texting during the film.  

Alamo Drafthouse La Vista will feature eight screens of new releases, repertory programming and the Alamo’s unique signature programming with seating for over 800 moviegoers.  Each of the auditoriums will be equipped with state of the art digital projection and sound.  Alamo Drafthouse La Vista will also be equipped for 35mm projection.  In addition to the superior AV equipment, the layout of each screening room will eliminate the traditional front row, ensuring every seat in the house allows for a great viewing experience. 


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