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Alamo Audiences Check In To THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL

See all the fun that went on at Slaughter Lane for opening weekend!

Alamo Audiences Check In To THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL

In case you didn't know it we love the films of Wes Anderson. We eagerly anticipate every new creation he brings to the screen. So for the release of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL we knew we had to make its opening weekend special.

First, we put together this photo booth of Mendl's dessert boxes (if you've seen the film or trailer this should look familiar):


Then for those attending the very first screening we gave them all our themed dessert: Mendl's Courtesan au Chocolat. Complete with box and cream puff:


And this week we had a four-course feast with specially themed food complete with wine pairings:



If you missed out don't worry. You can still enjoy Mendl's Courtesan au Chocolat and enjoy all the photo booth shenanigans at Slaughter as well as Village!

Reserve your room at THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL now!


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