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Air Sex finalists from all over the country descending on Austin this Friday for THE AIR SEX WORLD C

[caption align="alignleft" width="301" caption="Guess which city he's from"]Guess which city he's from?[/caption]

We all remember last year's Air Sex Championships...they almost got our pictures posted at the Paramount Theater Box Office under the header "Never, Under Any Circumstances, Allow These People Back Inside."  Holy God, was it worth it, though.

Well, this year, the antie is up'd and the debauchery will not go down at the Paramount, but rather at The Highball!  Where, you can rest assured, there are no positions barred.

Also this year, you're not only going to be subjected to Austin's homegrown depravity, but depravity from all over the country!  You see, Tim League and master of Ceremonies Chris Trew took the Air Sex phenomenon on the road this year- 15 cities, hundreds of mind-bleach-needed performances.  And the cream of the crop will be traveling to Austin for one night of Air Sex Mania!!!

2008 Air Sex Champion Arthur Simone will serve as one of our judges and ultimately be handing his crown over to the new winner, who will represent our planet in all interplanetary Air Sex competitions throughout the next year. This will be an epic worthy of Roland Emmerich's talents, but instead of watching global landmarks fall to their doom in copious amounts of fireballs, we'll get to see moral standards destroyed by insidious levels of sexual impropriety that can only be performed with an imaginary partner.

Greatest show on Earth?  We think so.

You can get your advance ticket here

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