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Air Guitar Premilinaries Report by Chris Trew

I was out of town for Air Guitar this week for only the 2nd time in 4 years, but our good friend Chris Trew, head honco of Coldtowne Theater, adeptly guided the show as the guest master of ceremonies. Below is Chris's blog account of the show:

While tonight’s Air Guitar match at the Alamo Drafthouse didn’t have as much creativity and skill as previous matches, it more than made up for it with crowd intensity. I had my hands full as host as did the celebrity judges (Johnny Walker, Arthur Simone, and Buzz Moran).

Muff Dreamy, Hans Fretman, Master of Destruction, Firestorm, Sunbeam, Guitarmageddon, Johhny Chaos, and Rock Sack (a former champion - he finished third tonight) all turned in decent shows - but it was appetizer for the Buck Nasty vs. The Guardian main course. The crowd was split and calling for it all night - often times interrupting our celebrity judges (you don’t interrupt celebrities, especially local celebrities) and myself. Cookies were stolen and cuss words were chanted, and in the end Buck Nasty edged last month’s first place finisher The Guardian.

The lobby was crazy with activity post show with audience members loudly voicing their approval/disapproval of the decision. It was a good night - I scratched two things off my big to-do list:

1. Toss someone in the front row of the most popular movie theater in the world a warm cookie
2. Announce a big one-on-one main event ala’ professional wrestling

There’s only a couple of things left to go and then I’ll need to make a new list.

You, buy your tickets to next month’s show here!

(Chris Trew)

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