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Against All Odds and Sanity: SUPERMAN III in 35mm this Sunday!

The BEST (and most wrongly hated) superhero movie of the 20th century returns to the big screen!!!

Against All Odds and Sanity: SUPERMAN III in 35mm this Sunday!

Yep. The Richard Pryor one.

There are probably a lot of people who think I'm crazy or a dipshit because I programmed this movie. Well, they're both right. But neither of those things change the fact that SUPERMAN III is a GREAT, GREAT FILM, bursting with ACTION and COMEDY and STRANGENESS and RAGE and PERFECTION.

Sometimes you program a movie because you simply need to. Because it’s so powerful, so unjustly disregarded, so just plain entertaining that it’s your goddamn duty to shove it directly in the world’s unwilling eye sockets. Such is the case with SUPERMAN III, which I’m not afraid to say is THE BEST SUPERMAN MOVIE THAT WILL EVER BE MADE.

This is your cue to scoff if you’re a boring, joyless, closed-minded turd. Everyone else will be with us at this rare 35mm screening to witness the film that’s one part Jacques Tati, two parts Pryor, and
500,000 parts pure SUPERMAN. In fact, we challenge you to watch this film without being decimated by its infinite bizarre complexities and wayward concepts, from Supe’s dual personality alcohol-fueled suicide battle to the terrifying robotization of a middle-aged woman in a jumpsuit.

Sometimes Hollywood accidentally makes a perfect movie, and sometimes it takes the public 29 years to catch on. That sometimes is NOW. ZZANG!!! (Zack)

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