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AFTER THE THIN MAN New Year’s Eve Party: celebrate in style (and first!) at The Ritz

Finally a real reason to come to downtown Austin on New Year's Eve, PLUS you can still make it to your own midnight festivities!!

The response to our first Cinema Cocktails screenings of the classic screwball romantic mystery THE THIN MAN was so great that we just knew we had to return to the wonderful chemistry of Nick and Nora Charles, their adorable dog Asta, their crime-solving savvy and, maybe best of all, their love of distilled spirits. We love good booze too, and while we may not drink as much of it as Nick and Nora (who could?), we like to think of it as highly civilized, quality time - just the kind of time we like to spend at the elegant, restored Ritz Theater.

Get your tickets HERE!!

AFTER THE THIN MAN picks up at the same high level of the first film and keeps the laughs coming. William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora are just as sweet, just as tipsy and just as funny. And this time the titular Thin Man is embodied by the great Jimmy Stewart.

In addition to the film itself, we'll be serving a multi-course feast AND enjoying a champagne toast on a pre-midnight countdown to AFTER THE THIN MAN's 1937 New Year, and we'll still be done for you to get to whatever party you're heading to to celebrate the 2009 festivities! Check back for the menu soon!

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Also, we've added a special big-screen 35mm Paul Newman memorial screening of the cinema masterpiece COOL HAND LUKE at the Alamo South Lamar on Wednesday, 7 pm.

Not only is this one of Newman's most enduring performances, but it's a damn perfect movie and we'll even be having an egg-eating contest before the film! So join us to pay tribute to a mammoth talent while enjoying one of the best movie experiences on record!

Tickets available HERE!!

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