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The Action Pack has got you covered on fun all weekend at the Ritz.


Need more fun in your weekend? Well The Action Pack has you covered! This weekend, in addition to our regular Quote-Along of Robin Hood: Men in Tights on Thursday we have added a Friday one-night only screening of Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quote-Along (coconuts included with your ticket purchase! Just be sure to grab it by the husk).

Still need more? Well, we are also adding an additional screening of our GAYEST SING-ALONG ever to include all of the best divas, gay icons, and camp classics guaranteed to make you wanna sing out loud and dance double proud for Pride Week with the Way Gay Sing-Along. And if that's not enough we'll be handing the reigns of the Ritz over to YOU guys for a Choose Your Own Hecklevision, where we are letting you choose the absolute worst movie on DVD to screen and have an audience of people textually make fun of it. That's all followed up with two screenings of the Team America: World Police Quote-Along on Sunday! Now if that doesn't sound like a weekend...I don't know what does. (Greg MacLennan)



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