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“Action masterpiece” THE RAID: REDEMPTION opens this weekend at Lamar


Don't miss the most hotly anticipated film of the year so far. This weekend at Lamar.

“Action masterpiece” THE RAID: REDEMPTION opens this weekend at Lamar


It's finally here! The most anticipated action movie in years, and we're in on the limited release. This is the one everyone's going to be talking about this year. See it starting this weekend at Lamar!

Believe the hype. THE RAID is one of the greatest action flicks we've ever seen. A film with clear stakes, thrilling action and some of the most stunning fight sequences ever captured on celluloid, THE RAID cannot fail to disappoint - regardless of how high your expectations may be. Rama (the lightning-fast Iko Uwais) is a member of a special forces team directed to extract a ruthless crime lord from a high-rise apartment building. When the crime lord spots the SWAT team, he instructs every low-life in the building to kill the officers at all costs - and offers lifelong sanctuary if they do.

Brilliantly written, directed and edited by Gareth Evans (MERANTAU) and starring some of the best pencak silat fighters on the planet, THE RAID will have you cheering, gasping and pumping your fist in exultation. (Meredith Borders)

"It's easy to forget the story altogether in the sheer rush of Rama's fight to the top floor; instead, viewers will wonder how the amazing battle that just ended could possibly be topped. But it is, again and again."--Ralph Koehler, VARIETY

"Gareth Evans's mostly no-nonsense, floor-by-floor ass-kicking panorama is admirably humble."--Jaime Christley, SLANT MAGAZINE

"An expertly crafted explosion of good old fashioned hand-to-hand-to-machete-to-fist-to-head-to-wall brilliance. A milestone for action cinema."--Neil Miller, FILM SCHOOL REJECTS

"There is no doubt that The Raid is one for the pantheon, a truly great and amazing action film that will be revisited for generations. It's an action masterpiece."--Devin Faraci, BADASS DIGEST

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