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Abide With The Big Lebowski Quote-Along!

The Big Lebowksi Quote-Along.  Taking it easy for all us sinners.

Abide With The Big Lebowski Quote-Along!

Once considered an off day for the Coen Bros, THE BIG LEBOWSKI has gone beyond a cult rediscovery, and become a beloved piece of pop culture.  There’s Lebowski fests, a thriving Dude sweater industry, and even a fledgling religion. (Dudeism, naturally) It’s a pretty amazing conquest for a man  – even a man for his time and place -- who simply bowled, drove around, and had the occasional acid flashback.

Released in 1998, THE BIG LEBOWSKI begins with a cast of mistaken identity, and the ruination of a rug that really tied the room together.  Jeff “the Dude” Lebowski is just seeking a little justice from the other Jeff Lebowski when he’s inexplicably chosen to be a private detective, and locate the missing Bunny Lebowski.  The Dude finds his bowling schedule disrupted by Nihilists, artists, ferrets, car thieves, porn kingpins, and a special lady friend. It’s almost more than the Dude can handle … but he does abide.

Fans of THE BIG LEBOWSKI are a very communal band of cinephiles, which makes this off-kilter classic an ideal choice for a Drafthouse event.  While the Drafthouse is committed to a No Talking/No Distractions policy, we know there are particular films that just beg to be interacted with, and so we created the Action Pack Quote-Along

THE BIG LEBOWSKI is the first of many unique Quote-Alongs we’ll be hosting at Alamo Drafthouse Littleton, and we hope you’ll enjoy this event as much as we do.  Our first showing is April 5th and due to the high demand we will host an additional Lebowski Quote-Along on April 12.

Now, Quote-Alongs aren’t just about repeating the movie’s dialogue (though we do subtitle the films so you don’t miss a single memorable line).  It’s a complete and immersive event. We host games and contests before the film starts, and each attendee will receive a bag of props to deploy during the best moments of the film.  Imagine an entire theatre throwing Walter’s dirty undies out the window simultaneously, and you have a glimpse of just how crazy and memorable the Quote-Alongs can be.

Just because Walter’s undies are flying doesn’t mean our food and drink service stops.   Our full menu will be available, and while we’re not Donny’s beloved In-and-Out, we do have good burgers. (And pizza. And salads. And cookies.)  All you have to do is write down what you want, pop the order card into the rail, and our nihilist – er, ninja – servers will collect your order, and have your food or White Russian out to you regardless of what might be happening in the theatre.

If you miss out on any of the Lebowski Quote-Alongs, we suggest you don your Dude sweater, your jellies, or your favorite bowling shirt and stop by Glass Half Full, our comfy corner bar located inside the Drafthouse.  You don’t need a ticket to visit. We always have The Dude’s White Russian available, as well as a wide range of local beers, signature cocktails, and all our delicious Drafthouse food.

Tickets for THE BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along are available now. Be an urban achiever, and get yours quickly!


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