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ABCS OF DEATH 2 Gets A Very Red Red Band Trailer

NSFW squared.

ABCS OF DEATH 2 Gets A Very Red Red Band Trailer

We are on the verge of getting a new ABCs of Death movie. If that doesn’t please you, I’m not sure we can hang. If that has the potential to please you but you’re waiting for proof that it will be as gory as the original, today is your day.

This trailer for the film is thoroughly not safe for work. This isn’t due to nudity (although there is a gigantic penis present), but due to a massive amount of blood. And dismemberment. And also probably the previously mentioned giant penis.

I loved pretty much every bit of the first ABCs of Death and can’t wait to see this. The segment that opens this trailer looks particularly awesome. It’s hard not to have fun with these films. If you don’t like something, just wait a few minutes. It’s great!

ABCs of Death 2 is not only an opening night movie at this year’s Fantastic Fest, but there’s going to be a massive ABCs of Death-themed party to match where I assume you die at the end. I do not yet know which of the 26 ways you can die I will choose. Obviously, the one where you get smothered by boobs is a frontrunner, but I fear the line will be too long.

For those not attending Fantastic Fest, the film will be released into the wild VOD October 2 and theatrically October 31.

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