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A word of warning about THE BRIDGE, opening Jan 26 at the Alamo South Lamar

We want to be right out front with this: THE BRIDGE is not for everyone. If you are unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding this critically acclaimed new doc, you can read all about it here.

It's a documentary about the Golden Gate Bridge and its appeal for suicide jumpers. Director Eric Steel trained his cameras on the bridge full time. During the course of the film, several people are shown taking their lives. What the film doesn't show is the film crew preventing many more suicides. It's tough stuff but it's unlike any other movie you will ever see.

It's not a popcorn movie. It's the kind of movie that engages both your mind and your heart. It may make you angry and/or sad, but it will make you think.

The Austin Chronicle likes it a lot too. Read their review here.

You can read more about the film and buy tickets by clicking this link.

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