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A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE Monday, 7:30 at The Ritz

A special one-time-only brainwrecker from the mad geniuses at The Cinefamily!

It's an all-too-familiar moment: the commercial fades, a somber piano line is struck, and in a low, austere rumble the announcer says "On a very special episode of..." Many a TV sitcom has been hazily defined in our memories by its "very special episodes"; the installments in which the monotony of lameness is broken by a confusing left turn into cheap, sappy dramatics. One of the ensemble cast gains a drug addiction, has a brush with death, experiences violence that hits close to home, etc.

Most often, these episodes have only the power to make one retch with their saccharine lip service to the "cause of the week" -- but then there are those rare occasions when, due to the intervention of the TV gods, things go off-the-cliff bat-shit crazy! Come see five of the finest examples of what happens when a Very Special Episode gets waaaaay too special, with child molestation, death scenes, cast members getting backhanded across the room by drunken guest stars, prostitution and more! The heart bleeds with excitement!!!

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