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A Valentine’s Message From Ryan Gosling

Spend an evening with your boyfriend, Ryan Gosling, at Girlie Night's presentation of THE NOTEBOOK.

A Valentine’s Message From Ryan Gosling

Hey girl,

Ryan Gosling* here. It's Valentine's Day, and I hope you're spending it with someone who appreciates you for the magical unicorn you are. If I was there, I'd give you a basket of puppies and cook your favorite macaroni and cheese using my grandmother's secret recipe. Afterwards, we could curl up on the couch under a blanket I just knitted and snuggle while watching our favorite episodes of THE GOLDEN GIRLS. Then I would draw you a hot bubble bath and bring you champagne, chocolate and a Jane Austen novel on a tray. Because love is precious, and so are you.

I'm sure you'll be fine without me, because you are a strong and independent person, and that's why I cherish you. But even though we can't be together on Valentine's Day, I hope you'll come see me next week at Girlie Night's presentation of THE NOTEBOOK. You can treat yourself to delicious cocktails** and dessert, because you deserve it, and then we can spend a romantic evening together. I'll even grow a beard and look foxy in the rain just for you! But don't forget to bring some tissues, because we'll probably share a good cry. (Did you know you're beautiful when you cry?)

I'm counting the days until next week, when my soul can bask in your golden presence. Until then, my precious pearl, may your life be full of rainbows and baby animals.



*Ok, so this wasn't really written by Ryan Gosling. But if you look into his sweet blue eyes on that Alamo big screen, you'll know that every word here is true.

**This month's Girlie Night Cocktail: Fresh raspberry and basil meet Paula's Texas Lemon, vodka and sparkling wine.  Almost as good as making out with Ryan Gosling in a downpour.

Tickets to THE NOTEBOOK at Ritz (2/19) and Slaughter (2/20) available here.


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