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A TOWN CALLED PANIC Stop Motion Filmmaking Contest


As you probably know, we're all pumped up about A TOWN CALLED PANIC, opening at the Alamo South Lamar on January 8. Not only did it win the audience award at Fantastic Fest a few months ago, it made us remember what convulsive laughter feels like (hint: pretty damn good). It's hard to believe that a stop motion animated Belgian film about a reckless Cowboy, his best friend the Indian, a super cool horse, and larcenous underwater gill-men could cause all the hard-boiled, seen-it-all programmers at the Alamo and Fantastic Fest to fall all over themselves, but that's exactly the case. We laughed so hard and long at this movie that when it was over, we knew we had to bring it to Austin. The problem was, they weren't planning on releasing it in Austin. So we have jumped through flaming hoops to bring it to you. Would we do that if this movie were anything less than an ATOMIC BOMB of righteousness?

Now the folks at Zeitgeist Films have come up with another way to get psyched for A TOWN CALLED PANIC - a stop motion animation competition. It's easy to make stop motion films. It doesn't take much money, just a lot of dedication and creativity. And if you make the best short film you can have it included on what is sure to be the DVD of the decade when it's released later in 2010.

Here's more from those Zeitgeist folks:

Make your own stop-motion film and win a chance to have it featured on the A TOWN CALLED PANIC DVD!

The object: To make a stop-motion animation film, no longer than three minutes in length, on the theme of “panic.” The film will be judged as a piece of entertainment, not just on the sophistication of its animation techniques, and the competition is open to all ages.

The judges: A Town Called Panic filmmakers Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar will select their favorite from a shortlist of 10 films selected by Zeitgeist Films.

The prize: The winning film will be included on the US edition of the A Town Called Panic DVD to be released in 2010 and the winning filmmaker will receive five copies of the DVD when it is released. Nine runners-up will also receive a copy of the DVD and a poster and their films will be featured on the A Town Called Panic YouTube Channel.

The deadline: March 1, 2010. The winner will be announced on April 1, 2010.

Find out all the details here. And do not miss A TOWN CALLED PANIC!

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