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A Look at The Alamo Behind-The-Scenes!

As Alamo customers, you're probably pretty familiar with the way things work. You get to the theater early, get your seat, watch some preshow, write your food and drink order down, a server comes by to greet you and take your order, and as the movie begins, your food comes to you. Seems pretty simple, right? Well on your end, yeah, pretty simple, but for our staff?

The Statesman's Addie Broyles wanted to find out exactly how the process of getting your order to you works. The best way to do that? Work a couple shifts at the Alamo! Addie shadowed Chivonn Anderson, a server at S. Lamar and a total badass, as she greeted customers, took orders, slung food and dropped checks. Want to find out why we don't have intricate dishes on the menu? Why it takes a bit longer to get your food on a Friday night at 7pm? What movies provide better tips for the waitstaff?

Addie answers all those questions and more! Take a look at her article here, and get a better understanding of what separates an Alamo kitchen from a regular restaurant kitchen. And as always, remember to tip your waitstaff! These folks know how to work it!

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