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Halloween is almost here! It’s not too late to plan a ghoul’s night out!

The night when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinniest is almost here, how will you celebrate it? Allow us to make some dreadful suggestions...

Halloween is almost here! It’s not too late to plan a ghoul’s night out!

Greetings boys and ghouls, we've been hacking, chopping and slicing our way through this October like never before with a gruesome month-long assault of programming celebrating All Hallow's Eve, but the best has yet to come, fiends... er, friends! Come die from laughter! Feed your carnal desires! Quench your thirst for blood! And do it all in an organized fashion with this handy ghouls-night-out guide: 

The Ritz

October 26th: Weird Wednesday: VAMPYRES - Lars brings us the strange tale involving two lucious vampyres who pose as hitchikers to feed on the single, hormone-driven men!

October 28th & 29th: The Late Show: THE EXORCIST - The greatest exorcism movie of all time.  Although, it's a pity the pea soup never got the recognition it deserved from the Academy for this one. 

October 30th: Owen Egerton Deconstructs: HALLOWEEN 4 - If you've ever been to a Master Pancake show or the Fantastic Debates, then you'll agree Egerton is arguably the funniest guy in Austin. And probably America, too.


Rolling Roadshow

October 30th: LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - Bring your camp chair and a blanket and come prepared to sing “FFEEEEDD MEEE!” with us at this FREE outdoor screening of the twisted, musical classic at the beautiful Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Just, you know, watch out for those talking plants with teeth... Doors at 6:30. No alchohol or glass bottles. 

South Lamar

October 27th and 31st: GHOSTBUSTERS - See the '80s supernatural comedy classic back on the big screen for a limited time only! Plus, SLIMER PIZZA and STAY PUFT S'MORES on special!

October 28th: Master Pancake: HALLOWEEN - The award-wining Master Pancake crew slice and dice John Carpenter's classic HALLOWEEN!

October 30th: NOSFERATU W/LIVE SCORE BY GRAHAM REYNOLDS & THE GOLDEN ARM TRIO - See F.W. Murnau's 1922 "Symphony Of Horror" with a chilling live score performed by Austin's own composer-bandleader extraordinaire, Graham Reynolds, with the Golden Arm Trio.

October 30th: Exploison: ZOMBIE - A gorgeous digital restoration of Lucio Fulci's eyeball-gouging, zombie-punching-shark classic!

October 30th: TV at the Alamo: THE WALKING DEAD -  Catch all gorey good action of the new season on the big screen every Sunday at South Lamar and Lake Creek! 



October 29th and 31st: THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW - You've been waiting for with much an.ti.cip.... ation and now the midnight classic is back at its regular slot every Saturday at Village. Plus, a special 10 pm show Halloween night!


Lake Creek

October 26th: Horror Remix: ZOMBIES 2 - Two brain-dead zombie movies,  THE VIDEO DEAD and FLESHEATER, lopped, chopped, and chewed down to two hours of their tastiest parts!

October 26th: Action Pack Presents: SHAUN OF THE DEAD QUOTE-ALONG  - This may be the greatest quote-along ever. Not only do you get to quip and quote-along in a British accent, but everyone gets a free inflatable cricket bat to whack their neighbor’s brains out with good and proper!

October 29th: Big Screen Classics: THE EVIL DEAD - The ultimate in slapstick horror, back and better than ever on the big screen!



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