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Our first New York theater is now open!

The ribbon has been cut and the champagne bottle has been sabered. Yonkers: We are ready for you. 

Our first New York theater is now open!

Dearest New York, 

The ribbon has been cut. The champagne bottle has been sabered. August 5, 2013 has been declared Alamo Drafthouse Day. Our very first theater in the state of New York is now officially open for business!

First, we want to thank everyone for your brilliant patience as we remodeled, trained our staff and invited you to the theater to help us settle in. We have had a blast meeting all of our amazing new neighbors and could not be happier or more honored by all the support we have received. Thank you to Mayor Mike Spano and Westchester Deputy County Executive Kevin Plunkett for attending our grand opening ceremony and inviting us to the community. 

We all know how a ribbon cutting goes - grab some large scissors and a shiny red ribbon, watch your hands, and you're set. However, you may not know how a champagne bottle sabering goes down. The following photo set will fill you in on what you missed... 

First: The warning; no children within trajectory. 

Then: The wind up. (This is when we hold our breath.) 

Last: A clean sweap of the saber (avoiding Tim's hands), and the champagne pops to bless our new theater. We toast! We celebrate! 

If you haven't made it out yet or you are already on your fourth visit, please join us for our upcoming specialty programming events! 

Grand Opening Programming & Special Events:

Friday, August 16,  DOWNLOADED and BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE with Actor Alex Winter (Bill S. Preston Esquire) in attendance. 
Saturday, August 17, MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL Quote-Along
Saturday, August 17, SQUIRM with Director Jeff Lieberman in attendance.
Sunday, August 18, Drafthouse Films: MIAMI CONNECTION
Friday, Aug 23, TOTALLY 80's SING-ALONG
Saturday, Aug 24, BIG LEBOWSKI Quote-Along
Wednesday, Aug 28, THE DARJEELING LIMITED Avery Brewing Company Beer Dinner
Friday, Aug 30, Semi Charmed Kind of Sing-Along, 90’s Pop Party
Saturday, Aug 31, WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY with Actor Paris Themmen (Mike Teevee) in attendance.
Saturday, Aug 31, Drafthouse Films: THE FP

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter as we will announce more screenings and events as they are planned. We would also like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our excellent Texas traveling training team



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