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‘80s Insanity with VALLEY GIRL at our newest series: ZZANG!!!

ZZANG!!!!: VALLEY GIRL Sunday - 10 PM - Ritz - Totally.

About ZZANG!!!: There is absolutely no disputing that the '80s were The Decade of FUN. Neon-streaked good times exploded worldwide in the form of celebrities (Pee-Wee, Mr. T, Max Headroom), music (punk, new wave, metal) and -- in an epic lightning bolt of unrelenting wildness -- MOVIES! Well, local spazzmatics Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly demand that YOU join us in hailing the Power of the '80s in the Alamo's newest monthly 35mm screening series: ZZANG!!!

About the movie!: We're kicking off our first show with what may be THE towering classic of the new wave era: Martha Coolidge's unstoppable masterpiece VALLEY GIRL! It's absolutely the first, last and most hilarious word in Punk Heartbreak, as a Hollywood streetcrawler (played by a young-and-still-human Nicolas Cage) falls dyed-hair-over-heels for cute-as-a-button Valley girl Julie (Deborah Foreman). Their worlds collide, their peers take sides, and everyone from hippie parents to jock boneheads get caught up until the massive prom meltdown.

An incredible cast + a whip-cracking new wave soundtrack = a genuinely flawless foray into the blazing mega-reality of Youth Gone Wild! ZZANG!!!

Tickets are HERE!


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