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79 BR - Drywall is the word of the day

Maybe weekly visits will be more exciting than going three days a week. When I walked into the Ritz today I saw a lot had been done. That doesn't mean that a lot isn't being done normally. But when you've been away for a week, more bigger, noticeable stuff is done. I'm positive that a lot of electrical work has been done, but except for some wires sticking out in various places, you can't really see that. And it doesn't photograph very well, either.

The big stuff that's been done over the past week: Theater 1 is almost ready for concrete. Daniel says the hope is to get it poured by next week. This includes the last portion of Theater 2. After that, the stairs to both theaters can be built. But drywall is already going up in various parts around the theater. There's drywall going up in theater 1 and in the theater stairwell. Insulation is being put into the kitchen, so plumbing and electrical work must be done in there.

You may have noticed that the countdown has changed. Keeping up with my previous countdown would have had us at 10 BR, and there's just no excuse big enough for that kind of delusion. So I, again arbitrarily, chose a date in late September and ratcheted up the countdown to reflect that. And just like last time, this is not a countdown to an official opening date. One has not been set. A little blurb about the Ritz in the latest Alamo calendar said it would open "late September, early October." It sucks that I have to use the calendar as a source, but that's really as close as anyone can tell me about opening the Ritz.

New Flickr pics exist.

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