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72 BR - Concrete is imminent

Really, the next big step is getting concrete poured in Theater 1, the mezzanine, and the entrance to Theater 2. Once that is done, walls can be built in Theater 1, the stairs to both theaters can be built, and Theater 2's screen wall can be finished. When I was there, lips were being installed to the risers in Theater 1. Next the rebar will come in, then the concrete. After that, the rest is icing. Well, maybe a little more complicated than icing.

As for this past week, a bunch of foam insulation was sprayed into the theater. It is in all the important places to insulate against sound - roof, ceiling of kitchen and lobby (under Theater 2), and bathrooms (under Theater 1).Also, construction of the kitchen walls looks almost complete.

Workers were also finishing up the screen wall in Theater 1. It has holes in it for the speakers while the booth has its portholes in place as well. If you look at those portholes, is it definite there will only be two projectors in Theater 1. I know our collective fingers are crossed. In fact, yesterday I told Andrew that I had heard from a friend who works at an archive in San Francisco. I mentioned that she was rooting for changeover. His response was unmistakably nonplussed.

More info in the Flickr set.
Update: I have added an "alamoritz" tag to all Ritz photos.

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