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48-hour Machinima Filmmaking Challenge now underway!

Right this moment, while you are taking a moment our of your day to read this blog post, there are over 60 teams from all over the world slaving away on their entries for the Fantastic Arcade 48-Hr Machinima Filmmaking Challenge. They are chugging coffee by the pot and capturing materials from their favorite video games in hopes of getting their 4-minute or less film screened at Fantastic Fest. Oh, and if that isn’t a cool enough reason to avoid sleep and play video games this weekend, they are competing for sweet loot from Dell, Microsoft, and even a voiceover cameo in an upcoming episode of Red Vs Blue!

We assigned each team the same line of dialogue and a different film genre and let them run wild with creativity. We didn't necessarily go with the boring genres like you'll find in a video store. We got *really* specific. We can’t wait to see what the teams come up with! The fun began Friday the 10th at 7pm CST and the deadline to turn in the films is Sunday at 7pm CST. If you want to get a late start and try your hand at the challenge- read all the details and fill out the form HERE!  Then, email [email protected] to get assigned your team’s genre.

To learn more about Machinima click HERE!

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