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3 FROM PRESTON STURGES: The Funniest, Smartest Filmmaker of ALL TIME, Dammit!!!

Why these 35mm screwball classics are greater now than EVER.

3 FROM PRESTON STURGES: The Funniest, Smartest Filmmaker of ALL TIME, Dammit!!!

"There's a lot to be said for making people laugh...Did you know that's all some people have?"

For the next few weeks, The Ritz is going to be running some of the funniest, sharpest, zaniest, most heart-breaking and rib-tickling films you've ever seen, all in 35mm, and all from writer/director
Preston Sturges.

If you've already heard of him, he's probably one of your favorite filmmakers from Hollywood's golden age. If you haven't heard of him, he will be.

Sturges was a fearless, Grade A+++ humorist whose whipcrack dialogue and death-defying slapstick slayed audiences of all classes and colors. He was also a preternaturally observant critic of humankind, digging into our weaknesses and idiocy with a double-edged sword of madcappery and accusation. He could make a poor man laugh and a rich man cry. He hated big business and its self-centered money-driven participants, and loved the common man who defied them. Best of all, he used Hollywood's fat wallet to make this case WHILE often mocking Hollywood itself.

He was half goofball, all genius, and a genuine rebel in the biggest and most creative sense.

We're dangerously excited to be presenting three 35mm prints of this mastermaniac's greatest work, beginning on Monday, Nov 19th with:

SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS (1941, 90 min) - A pampered, bigtime director (Joel McCrea) embarks on a quest to film his dream project -- incidentally called "O Brother, Where Art Thou" -- and must masquerade as a hobo to learn how us regular joes live. The glamorous Veronica Lake co-stars in this two-fisted, hilarious, heart-wrenching whizzbanger.

THE MIRACLE OF MORGAN'S CREEK (1944, 98 min) - The most forehead-slapping, monocle-spinning, controversial classic comedy in the Hollywood canon. Young Trudy Kockenlocker (yep) finds herself with a bun in the oven after a wild night of drunken revelry. Her virginal, klutzy, would-be boyfriend risks life and limb to make an honest woman of her, bringing sheer chaos into their sleepy town. Also, this movie features the most incredible, ass-shattering pratfall in history.

THE PALM BEACH STORY (1942, 88 min) - That innocuous title veils a rampaging comic whirlwind of bigamy, dizzy hearts and class warfare. Claudette Colbert and Joel McCrea headline this nutzoid descent into the quasi-romantic maelstrom.

So there ya have it. Tickets are NOW ON SALE, so just click on the title of each film above to nab more info and/or a seat! And if you're STILL not convinced, just take a gander here:



What movies. What laughs. Whatta guy.


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